Most people don’t realise how the smaller parts of their work days can have the biggest effect on our productivity.

In this short video I share 3 great free, simple tools to help you get more out of your day.

If you would like to try out the tools you can access them via the links below.


Fast forward

FB Feed blocker

Video Transcript

Alright, so I’m sure we all know how important it is to be productive and efficient during the day. But so many people don’t realize how much potential there is with just the small parts of the day. The little things that they do repetitively don’t show up much time. And it’s always a case of oh well, it doesn’t take that long. It’s not that big a deal, why worry about it.

And today, I wanted to share how much potential there is to optimize your day to the nth degree, maximize your alley, right, maximize your return on investment, simply by reducing the amount of time that you need to spend on the activities during the day. So I want to share three great free tools to maximize your productivity during the day. They’re super easy to add and set up and get moving and just really excited to share them with you. So the first one and probably my favorite is something called aText.

Now if we head to the website, You can download it for free for Windows or a one off fee for $5 for for Macs. So I guess technically not free for Mac users, but you know, for what you get from it, it’s next to nothing. So what aText does is it’s a text automator. And it lets you just put in codes for things that you you want to expand or text expander. And what it does is it lets you store codes that you can then expand into text. So one example that I use quite often is, cheers and let me know if you have any questions.

So rather than writing that out in full, every time I finish an email, I can just write that. Another great example when people connect with me on LinkedIn, rather than just letting them sit and not doing anything. I can get a conversation started. So, “Hi, John, thanks for reaching out, “out of interest. What made you reach out to connect?” So there’s so many things different things you can do all the way through to entire blocks of text and paragraphs.

Even things that you write out like every single day all the time, and it’s not always stored in your computer. So email addresses, domains, so much potential. And when you really start to think about it, there’s so many things that you just repetitively type out in full each day. And yeah, there’s just so much potential to save time and work efficiently and smash out your work just by automating, creating little codes for things that you’re repetitively writing out every single day.

It’s great tool, and especially if you’re doing a lot of outreach on LinkedIn, you’ll find yourself saying answering the same questions over and over, and you can say, like, lots of things like this. That’ll go over what you do, your services. And it’s just a really great way to work more efficiently.

The next tool I wanted to talk about is Fast Forward. So this is a Chrome extension. And I’ll just go to it. I’ve already got it installed. And what it does is you just add it to your Chrome browser. And once it’s installed, it gives you the ability to speed up videos. So if you’re doing a lot of online learning, watching a lot of videos what it can let you do is speed it up. Of course, it’s gonna give me go slow when I needed to go quick. Let’s try a different page. So it works pretty much on any video player in your browser. And you just…

– How’s going Ryan Caswell here and I wanna show you a bit about-

– So I’m not sure if you can hear what I can hear, but basically, it just speeds it up. And the cool thing is, is that the human brain can actually absorb the content much quicker than we can actually speak it. So it’s a great way to absorb a lot of material, like even ebooks and things like that, without having to take the full amount of time it would normally. So a really great way to work through more content, absorb more knowledge a lot faster, great, efficient tool for that. Alright, and the last one is just a way of removing big distraction in a lot of our lives. And it’s called Facebook feed blocker.

So if you go to this, I’ll put all the links below this video. But what it does is it’s a Chrome extension and it basically just blocks your feed on Facebook and just puts a neat little saying there. But basically, the Facebook feed is a very distracting place . So if you need to use Facebook for any sort of business purposes, and you go on and you find yourself randomly looking at things that have nothing to do with work, and going down that rabbit hole, then it’s a really great way to just remove that distraction completely and get on and be more focused with your day ’cause one of the biggest killers of high value work is distraction.

And we all know how distracting Facebook can be. But I’m sure you’re all on LinkedIn ’cause that’s really where all the magic is anyway. Anyway, hope that helps three great free tools, no learning curve whatsoever involved in using this. And really great way to start being a bit more efficient with your days. Hope that helps.

As always have a great day. I’m Ryan from, and yeah, have a great day. Cheers

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